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The goal of the powerful magic wand vibrators is to make you come in record time, which they can do, most of the time. But there are so many models that you can buy. Battery powered, wired, big, small … Which one to choose?

Vibros ultra-puissants

For my taste, all ultra powerful wand vibrators are not equal. I like a lot of them, while others tend to collect dust in the closet. Not necessarily because they’re mediocre, but because I can find more effective and/or more practical ones in my sex toys box.

That being said, I wouldn’t be able to tell you which one’s my favorite, It depends on how I want to use it. Which powerful wand vibrator will be best for you? It completely depends on what you are looking for.

We had the opportunity to review quite a number of wand type vibrators. Therefore, we wrote a small overall comparison between the various magic wand vibrators that we know. Hoping that it can help you have a better idea of what you may want depending on your criteria.

Of course, we are still reviewing other sex toys of this type, and we will complete this page over time, moving them in this ranking along the way.

Update (2017): some vibrators have been added to the ranking.

Powerful Magic Wand vibrators

The ultra-powerful magic wand vibrators we reviewed (to read the full review of a sex toy, click on its picture) :



From the most powerful to the least powerful:

+++++ (Awesomely powerful) : Europe magic wand, Rock box, Fairy Turbo, Doxy Massager

++++ (Greatly powerful) : Mini Fairy, Fairy, Body Wand

+++ (Very, very powerful) : Fairy Lithium Massager, Palm Power, Body Massage “The Original”

++ (Very powerful) : Body Wand Midnight, Rechargeable Body Wand, Smart Wand Large, Aqua Body Wand

+ (Powerful) : Smart Wand Medium, Fairy Pocket Mini


From the most beautiful to the ugliest:

+++++ (Very pretty) : Smart Wand Medium and Smart Wand Large

+++ (ok) : Body Wand Midnight, Body Wand Rechargeable

+ (Not very pretty): Body Wand, Fairy, Mini Fairy, Turbo Fairy, Lithium Fairy, Pocket Mini Fairy, Palm Power Massager, Europe Magic Wand, Body Massage “The Original”, Doxy Massager, Body Wand Aqua

? (indescribable WTF) : Rock Box

Comfort in use

Battery powered vs Wired

From the most to the least practical:

+++++ (Battery powered) : Smart Wand Medium, Smart Wand Large, Fairy Lithium, Fairy Mini Pocket, Body Wand Rechargeable , Aqua Body Baguette

++++ (wired, good cable length): Magic wand Europe, Fairy Turbo, Doxy Massager

+++ (Wired, “standard” cable length) : Body Wand, Body Wand Midnight, Fairy, Mini Fairy, Body Massage body “The Original” ”

++ (Wired, huge cumbersome cable) : Rock Box

+ (Wired, power brick unplug itself during use) : Palm Power Massager


Waterproof ?

+++++ (Waterproof) : Smart Wand Medium, Smart Wand Large (after multiple uses in the shower, traces of oxidation start to appear in the power connector of the Smart Wand Large, but it still works well), Body Wand Aqua

+++ (Not waterproof) : Fairy Lithium, Fairy Pocket Mini, Rechargeable Body Wand

+ (Wired to power outlet, no water at all at proximity): Europe Magic Wand, Body Wand, Body Wand Midnight, Fairy, Fairy Mini, Turbo Fairy, Rock Box, Palm Power Massager, Body Massage “The Original”, Doxy Massager


Noise level

From the quietest to the loudest:

+++++ (Sound level quite acceptable from a regular vibrator) : Smart Wand Medium, Smart Wide Wand, Fairy Pocket Mini

+++ (Very Noisy) : Fairy Lithium, Body Wand Midnight, Body Wand Rechargeable, Body Massage “The Original”, Body Wand Aqua

+ (Noise of an infernal mixer, the kind used to make damned souls’ milk shakes) : Palm Power Massager, Body Wand, Fairy, Fairy Mini, Fairy Turbo, Europe Magic Wand, Rock Box, Doxy Massager


Material feel and Texture

+++++ Soft squashy Head : Europe Magic Wand, Doxy Massager

++++ Rigid but soft silicone head : Palm Power Massager, Smart Wand Medium, Smart Wand Large, Aqua Body Wand

+++ Hard Plastic Head : Fairy, Fairy Mini, Fairy Turbo, Fairy Lithium, Fairy Mini Pocket, Body Wand, Body Wand Midnight, Rechargeable Body Wand

+++ Interchangeable tips in soft silicone : Rock Box

+++ A thin layer of soft material on hard plastic : Body Massage “The Original”



From the most intuitive controls to the most annoying:

+++++ (Practical and easy) : Smart Wand Large and Smart Wand Medium (“+” and “-” buttons), and a button to activate the “SenseTouch” mode, sensitive to the pressure applied on the head of the vibrator), Fairy, Fairy Mini, Fairy Turbo, Fairy Lithium, Body Wand, Body Wand Midnight and Body Wand Rechargeable (an easy adjustment knob), Doxy Massager (one power button and two large “+” and “-” buttons), Body Wand Aqua (one “+”, one “-” and arrows)

+++ (Ok but can do better) : Europe Magic Wand (not very intuitive switch)

++ (Only two levels of intensity: not enough variations possible) : Fairy Pocket Mini, Body Massage “The Original”

+ (Not very practical) : Rock Box (a wheel too hard), Palm Power Massager (a button that only increases the power or turn off, not decrease).


From the cheapest to the most expensive (approximate prices found with a quick Google search.) Note that the price depends on the shop, and that it often decreases with time):

+++++ (Quite inexpensive) : Fairy Mini (between 50 and 55 euros), Fairy (about 55 euros) , Fairy Pocket Mini (about 55 euros), Body Wand Midnight (between 55 and 60 euros), Fairy Lithium (about 60 euros), Body Massage “L’Original” (about 60 euros)

+++ (Intermediate price) : Fairy Turbo (between 60 and 70 euros), Body Wand (between 70 and 90 euros), Body Wand Aqua (a little less than 80 euros), Body Wand Rechargeable (about 80 euros), Palm Power Massager (about 90 euros), Doxy Massager (about 110 euros)

+ (Costs an arm) : Europe Magic Wand (around 130 euros), Smart Wand Large (around 179 euros), Smart Wand Medium (Updated in 2017: Lelo seems to have increased the prices of all its products, even old models, and while it could previously be found around 90 euros, the Smart Wand Medium now costs 139 euros, while the Large model, from about 130 to 179 euros, becoming extremely expensive).

? (No longer on sale) : Rock Box (Its manufacturer has stopped producing it. It can still be found on internet, but not everywhere.. If I remember correctly, back then it was a about a hundred euros.)

Am I still using them?

I usually write the review of a sex toy shortly after receiving it. I try it in any way possible to make a clear opinion of it, but that’s still first impressions.

Now, let’s take a look at the use of these vibrators in the long run. Since their reviews, what have they become?

The Body Wand classic, the Doxy Massager and the Europe Magic Wand

I use them very often, and they are among my favorite sex toys. I grab the first that meets my hand when I want to have an intense and quick orgasm.

The Fairy

For the moment, it’s not been long enough for me to be able to say how often I’ll use it in the long run, but I think it’s going to be in the same category as the previous three (Especially since apart from the color, it is identical to the Body Wand).

The Fairy Turbo

I have not had it for a long time (so I’ll update this paragraph sometime in the future, with a longer-term view), but I’m using it quite often. Edit (2017): I confirm, he has dethroned the Fairy Mini in my nightstand.

The Fairy Mini

I always use it, and I always find it to be an excellent sex toy, but since I have the Fairy Turbo, I use it more than the Mini.

The Fairy Lithium

I use it very often. It is very, very powerful for a battery powered vibrator, and it is convenient that it is rechargeable… except when I realize as I am about to use it that its battery is dead. This is his main downside: he does not indicate or alert when his battery is about to die (and like many rechargeable sex toys, when left unused for too long, the battery dies).

The Body Wand Rechargeable

While using it, it looks like Fairy Lithium. I like it, but I do prefer the Fairy Lithium. So I use it when I want a cordless powerful wand vibrator, but discover that the Fairy Lithium’s battery is dead. A good backup.

The Body Wand Aqua

I’m often too lazy to look for batteries, so I usually end up choosing another magic wand vibrator. In the end, I use it very rarely.

The Fairy Pocket Mini

I often have it in my purse: it vibrates hard, despite a miniature size (it is barely bigger than a pen!): it is an ideal “pocket” vibrator. On the other hand, I hardly ever use it at home, where I have other more powerful and more adjustable sex toys at easily available.

The Smart Wand Medium and Smart Wand Large

I use them very often. They allow me to quickly have orgasms without the need for a power outlet nearby. I take them in the shower from time to time and they have survived so far. The Medium is small and does not take up too much space in my bag, so he is the lucky one I take on vacation.

The Body Wand Midnight

I do not use it unless I only have him nearby. Still, I find it nice, and I think I would use it very often if I did not have the Fairy Mini, Body Wand or Europe Magic Wand. But since I am lucky to have that choice choose them over him.

The Body Massage ” The Original “

I hardly ever use it. in a Magic Wand vibrator, I love on being able to adjust to my taste the intensity of the vibrations … And among the wired vibrators that I have, it is the only one that does not offer this feature. In addition, I find that its cheap look and feel is not very sexy.

The Palm Power Massager

Because he was left hanging around after I wrote its review, I used it a few times. But its tendency to unplug itself due to the vibrations and its inconvenient adjustment knob, I just stopped using it.

The Rock Box

She sits on a shelf. I do not use it. She is too cumbersome, I’m too lazy to take her out of her box.


Des vibros ultra-puissants : Europe Magic Wand, Smart Wand Large, Body Wand, Body Wand Midnight, Fairy Mini, Fairy Lithium, Smart Wand Medium, Palm Power Massager

From left to right on the photo: Europe Magic Wand, Smart Wand Large, Body Wand, Body Wand Midnight, Fairy Mini, Fairy Lithium, Smart Wand Medium, Palm Power Massager

Full reviews of Magic Wand vibrators

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